Emotional Self Care for Moms

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Product Description

This class is designed for anyone concerned about their current or future mental health during and after pregnancy.  While not a therapy group, the class will help inform you about normal emotional changes during pregnancy, “baby blues” vs. postpartum depression, and proactive strategies for managing common mental health issues.  Included is  information on where to gain further support.  Participants will not be asked to share any personal information during the class.

Part 1 of 2:  Pregnancy and Birth
Part 2 of 2:  Postpartum

About the classes:

Each class is very informal in nature and is intended for a maximum class size of 6 couples. These classes are not intended as psychological therapy but rather  to provide  information on general issues, self help strategies and sign posting for where people can get psychological support if needed.

Instructor: Dr. Ellie Wheeler
2 part class
1:15 pm – 3:15 pm

For 2018 classes, please check back after January 15, 2018.  Mama Instructor is out having her baby!


Topics covered will include:

  • Common ante and post natal mental health issues and strategies for addressing these
  • Managing pre-existing mental health issues during and after pregnancy
  • Anxieties and fears around labor and strategies for managing these
  • Medication concerns; "baby blues"; postpartum depression, and understanding risk factors (proactive and preventative)
  • What to expect your mood to be during and after pregnancy
  • Resources for getting  further help and support
  • How to support your partner during and after pregnancy

Dr. Ellie Wheeler

Hailing from the United Kingdom, Ellie received her Masters in Psychology and Mathematics from the University of St. Andrews in 2002 and went on to earn her Doctorate in Clinical Psychology from the University of Glasgow in 2009.  Prior to completing her doctorate, she worked as a nanny for a number of years specializing in work with children with special needs.  After graduating, she worked as a psychologist in the UK working with young people suffering from eating disorders and their families.  Ellie teaches several classes at Special Addition – Emotional Self Care for Moms, Child Development, and Baby Sleep Solutions Classes.  In addition to her class instruction, Ellie enjoys time with her husband, her three young active children, and trips back to the UK for business and her UK family!